12.0 Rescue

Suddenly, an arrow struck Shamus directly in the chest. Since he was wearing armor, it did no damage, and he looked about for the shooter. And then the arrow exploded.

“Hawkeye!” yelled Thor in relief as pandemonium ensued on the deck. Gun shots, arrows, and explosions were everywhere, and in moments, Black Widow, Iron Man, and Captain were rushing around to free the prisoners and get everyone on hovercraft transports.

When Captain came upon Thor, Thor said, “It’s useless, Captain, it’s an impenetrable energy field – it’s impossible to break.”

“With all due respect to your talents and years,” Rogers replied, “I’ve learned that nothing – nothing – is impossible.”

With that, he lifted Thor’s hammer and began beating on the energy cage. Each strike produced lightning and thunder that was deafening. Thor gazed on – thunderstruck – as Captain America began to crack the cage with each stroke of his hammer. In moments, he had produced a hole large enough for Thor to pass.

Thor just gazed in speechless wonder at Captain as Rogers handed the hammer back to Thor. With a smirk, Captain said, “Here, you might need this. We both know a few studs that could use a beating.”

Thor could only reply, “Thank you, brother.”


“Let’s go!” yelled Iron Man seeing that everyone was freed.

“Wait!” Thor replied, running over to Loki. Sif was already with Loki, examining him and his bindings as he hung limp.

“Ah, brother!” Thor said woefully, beginning to hurriedly untie the snakeskin bindings.

Sif caressed Loki’s pale face, brushing the dark locks away. She shook her head in dismay and sadness.

“Loki! Loki!” she said, over and over.

He was unconscious, hanging limply, head down. From his neck still hung the red nautilus pendant, the Heart of the Sea.

Ironman, flying nearby, caught a glimpse of the pendant. “Jarvis, is that – “ he began.

“Yes, sir, that is the same pendant possessed by Miss Gonzales.”

“Son-of-a-bitch,” Tony replied, realizing that they had all been fooled by Loki yet again.

They got Loki down just in time. Thor turned to see one of Gracholm’s men shoot a grenade toward the deck. With a great cry, he seized Loki in one arm and Sif in the other and jumped off the deck of the ship.

Down they plunged into the dark rolling waves. Loki wore Calypso’s Heart of the Sea – Thor was certain that Calypso could not be far. A few moments of flying through the water and they came in sight of the lights of her marine vessel.