Author’s Note

Fanfiction is viewed with mixed attitudes. Some original artists find imitators to be offensive – knock-offs, so to speak. They feel that it is in some way drawing attention away from their masterpiece, or that others are offering counterfeit merchandise. Some, however, view it quite differently, seeing it as simply free promotion of their work by extension. They recognize that others have found their story so completely enthralling, their work so appealing, that others want to do what they did. As the saying goes, “Imitation is the highest form of praise.”

Fortunately for me, Marvel is more receptive to fanfiction than other franchises. There is such a wonderful multitude of fanfiction – both published and unpublished – for both comics and cinema. I am continually amazed and inspired by the level of talent produced by the fan base. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing my humble contribution to the fanfiction collection, and I am excited to share it with others. Many of the concepts and ideas in my story are pulled from other fan fiction as well as the comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) canon. I especially wish to acknowledge the creativity of the MCU Thor series writers, including J. Michael Straczynski, Mark Protosevich, Don Payne, Robert Rodat, and, of course, the legend behind the legends, Stan Lee.

My goal has been to offer a sequel to Thor 2: The Dark World with Loki as the central focus. I have tried to keep all characters from the MCU consistent and as true to the originals as possible. But with Loki, I have attempted to expand his character, answering questions left in the movies, and providing a believable backstory and continuation. This is definitely NOT an official MCU blog, I am not an MCU writer, I do this solely for my own entertainment, and all rights and credit should go to the original artists.


My plan is to post to this blog a new section every THORSday. Artwork for the next section will be posted every Sunday. Please feel free to send me your thoughts or comments – I will try to respond appropriately as I have time. I have a separate full-time job, so please be patient!

-The Monk