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Accompanying illustration:




… And more artwork!

Calypso – Queen of the Sea:


Sketch by TheMonk

Entre Calypso

Check out the first full scene of the story, 1.0 Calypso, wherein a familiar character encounters a new character! Nothing like a little blending of Norse and Greek mythology to add color to a story! 😉

Stay tuned for more scenes every THORSday!

-The Monk

The Adventure Begins…

Welcome to the blog home of Lord Loki: Ruler of Asgard – a fan fiction by The Monk! As indicated in the Author’s Note above, the goal has been to offer a sequel to Thor 2: The Dark World with Loki as the central focus. I have tried to keep all characters from the MCU consistent and as true to the originals as possible. But with Loki, I have attempted to expand his character, answering questions left in the movies, and providing a believable backstory and continuation. This is definitely NOT an official MCU blog, I am not an MCU writer, I do this solely for my own entertainment, and all rights and credit should go to the original artists.

My plan is to post to this blog a new section every THORSday. Artwork may also be posted from time to time. Please feel free to send me your thoughts or comments – I will try to respond appropriately as I have time. I have a separate full-time job, so please be patient!

– The Monk