00.0 Prologue

Beginning where Thor 2: The Dark World left off…

It came to pass that Thor approached Odin’s throne on a bright morning with great anxiety about the retribution for his treasonous actions, and, as he waited for his father to finish his deliberations with his officials, slowly realized that the great king before him was not his father. With growing excitement and relief, Thor sensed his brother’s presence. As the knowledge became more certain, wonder overtook him. Thor was overjoyed to discover that his brother was alive. He could not imagine how Loki had managed to attain this position. But now that he had it, Thor had no interest in challenging him for it. He decided that it wasn’t important right now to know where Odin was. Loki had served Thor and Asgard at great personal cost; Thor was more than willing to let Loki put his hand to the scepter. Thor’s heart remained in Midgard.