Memories of Jotenheim

Today’s section, 14.1 Odin’s Heir – To Jotenheim, is really the first part of a 3-part section in which Loki is recalling events just prior to the start of our story. This part of my tale was one of my favorites to write and I hope you enjoy reading it just as much!


(Credits to the artist for the artwork that was part of the inspiration for this section.)



Today’s section, 11.0 Mask Removed, reveals a lot, both to the characters and to us, concerning Loki and his past! Featuring Lady Sif!


Entre Calypso

Check out the first full scene of the story, 1.0 Calypso, wherein a familiar character encounters a new character! Nothing like a little blending of Norse and Greek mythology to add color to a story! 😉

Stay tuned for more scenes every THORSday!

-The Monk