Two for One!

Happy Thorsday! As a bonus, this week there are 2 new sections: 12.0 Rescue and 13.0 Fire In Ice! Enjoy!



Games of Strategy

Today’s section, 9.0 Strategy, has the Avengers together deciding what to do about the treasonous Captain Gracholm and Queen Calypso!

In the next section, we will see a little more Frost Iron. Stay tuned.


Unconventional Conventions

In today’s section, 5.0 Defense Technology Convention,¬†things are anything but conventional! Loki is in fine form and full of mischief! He finds himself some unusual dance partners, and Stark finds himself¬†drawn to the new girl on the team. There is a little for the Romanogers, the Frost Iron shippers, and the Thorki shippers! Enjoy!


Welcome, Avengers!

In this week’s latest section, 4.0 Avengers Assemble, we see the team come together to strategize. However, they are unknowingly playing into Loki’s plan!

Happy THORSday, and have a happy Memorial Day weekend!


The New and the Familiar

Today we have added a new section, 3.0 On Guard, to our tale in which we meet a new character and some familiar characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Hope you enjoy my versions! Feel free to drop me a line with comments or questions!

Happy THORSday!